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Cybersecurity that's Always On

Cyber security isn’t easy, but it comes down to three basic principles – protect, detect and respond. At Bennellin Informatics, We provide innovative solutions for your Security needs. We aim at protecting you from the dark side of cyberspace and keeping you connected

Cyber Security is our business –The rest is just details. Our mission is to provide our clients with the security necessary to conduct business.Our security solutions are built to detect the threats that others ignore. We help you defend what’s important. Also, Millions of businesses depend on us for their security. We at Bennellin Informatics Keeping you safe, keeping you secure

Cyber Security starts here—Our Security Services

Cyber Security – It’s what we do. We deeply invest in your business with a team of security engineers monitoring, maintaining, automating, and protecting your systems 24/7. We are UAE’s top security solution provider offering security services such as firewall installation, network security solution, and antivirus server which keeps you and your data safer.

Cybersecurity begins with you…is your password strong?

Fire Wall

Bennellin Informatics firewall security solutions provide software firewall and hardware firewall to protect data from any malicious attack and unexpected threats. Both software firewalls and hardware firewalls are designed to block unauthorized access to computers in your network.

Our firewall security solution is a combined network and physical security which is intended to meet your needs and allows you to add integrated protection from hackers, spam, malicious websites, and identity theft. We provide secure access to enable workers at home, at remote sites, or traveling to connect to your business safely and securely.

Antivirus Server

Antivirus software helps to detect, scan, and prevent malicious software. Antivirus for windows servers generally protects the information from any malicious attacks.It provides facilities such as security for different server subsystems, email, firewall, and proxy. And it's easy to install on complex server networks and thereby enhance the resource expansion

Our server antivirus built for Linux, ubuntu, and windows is to deliver advanced security to put an end to incoming threats at the gateway, by providing inaccessible security

Email Security

Fend-off threats that trick your employees into leaking sensitive information. Bennellin cloud email security delivers comprehensive, unparalleled protection against malicious links and infected attachments to keep businesses safe from online threats spread by email. Our multilayered security platform protects networks from viruses, spam, advanced email threats, and accidental email data leakages.

Perception Point

A perception point is generally a rapid blocking of content-borne attacks across different channels like cloud storage, email system, and messaging platforms. Perception Point provides upgraded services through its managed incident response which is basically comprised as a part of the solution. The solutions patent technology consists of seven different detection layers to ground a single choice in seconds.

Perception Point was recognized as #1 in detection in the latest SE Labs independent testing, with zero false positives, and an overall rating of AAA. Tests were performed with different sets of attacks, including Social, Phishing, Malware, and BEC, as well as clean samples. Perception point was ranked #1 across all categories.

Perception Point’s Advanced Email Security is powered by a 7-layer platform that identifies and intercepts any content-borne cyber-attack, leveraging patented dynamic and static technologies that rapidly run on all files, URLs, and free text.


Sendmarc automates the process of protecting your domain from being used in email impersonation and phishing attacks. Sendmarc enables organizations to configure DMARC, SPF, and DKIM to authorize legitimate senders. Our tools allow you to easily understand who is sending email from your domain, where the threats lie, and the steps needed to authorize senders. Sendmarc pick out the real emails and blocked the fake emails. Sendmarc guarantees the email arrives in the inbox and always protects from impersonators, fraudsters, and attackers.

Through its proactive monitoring of your email security system,sendmarc is always securing you and your reputation. Sendmarc always makes sure that the internet is safe for every user and guarantees that every inbox receives the recognized email. Sendmarc is built with a rich set of features and functionalities which ensures protection from any form of cyber threats.


Hub security is a private cyber security platform for AI, blockchain, and critical infrastructure products. Hub security enables organizations to work securely and maintain data privacy. Hub security introduces an encrypted computing solution focused on preventing adverse invasions at the hardware level. Its unique cyber security solutions secure the commercial as well as all government pieces of information.

Confidential computing by hub security provides a unique and essential secure platform purposefully for security, flexibility, and scalability. It is the new cutting-edge technology for cybersecurity spearheading. It is the new security paradigm for protecting cyber data with end-to-end data protection. As Cyber security is proven to be ineffective over the past decades, hub security offers new approaches for securing data with more opportunities for all-sized businesses.


Bennellin IT consulting services are carried out by a methodology called “AhnLab Security Engineering Methodology” (ASEM) which uses a systematic approach to ensure businesses establish the most effective and efficient security response against cyberthreats. IT security services establish a credible and effective cybersecurity system, by carrying out integrated security and system security assessments which provide solutions for the most vulnerable areas in an organization or company

Founded in 1995, AhnLab, Inc., is a leader in cyber threat analytics, delivering comprehensive protection for endpoints, networks, transactions, and essential services. The company provides best-of-breed threat prevention, scaling efficiently for high-speed networks by combining cloud analytics with endpoint and server resources.

AhnLab provides 24/7/365 managed security services for Bennellin Informatics managed services customers, protecting your information assets from exposure to ever-increasing security threats. AhnLab’s portfolio includes AhnLab CPP, a centralized cloud-workload protection platform offering unified, purpose-built protection for hybrid clouds.